Monday, July 3, 2017

A few extra shots of our amazing team! So thankful to have had them with us!

Overlooking Freetown!

A special treat for the team after church and Sunday dinner was a drive up the peak overlooking the north end of the peninsula which is the hub of Freetown! As we gathered, Abraham prayed over his country and his people!

Nationals Reaching Nationals!

Charles and the leadership of the Waterloo Street Boy Ministry were involved in 3 days of intensive Bible Study with Rob. Todd joined us for a day, and Sue and Kathleen (one day) were amazing hostesses! We kept both study groups filled up with breakfast, lunch and snacks! Such a privilege to see such eager participants!!

Biblical Foundations!

Sue served as hostess for 5 days as Rob taught 2 groups! Kathleen joined her twice to experience the training and to encourage people that have become 'family' over the years!

Rob had 2 days with the 4 big guys that have transitioned out of Auntie Margaret's, and Isatu and Rebecca, 2 of the oldest still living in the home, were a part of this group!

James' baptism in the Atlantic!

What a day of celebration! Bo's best friend James baptized in the ocean by Bo's daddy & brother!! Rob compared the relationship that Bo & James share to that of David & Jonathan! They deeply miss each other, but ohhhh the thought of eternity!

Waterloo Ministry Center!

The team loved Saturday Praise & Worship and Bible Study with many of the former street boys in Waterloo!

Auntie Margaret's Kiddos

The team walked to Auntie Margaret's several afternoons while I prepared dinner. A special treat was getting to watch Cynthia in her school sporting events!