Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Update 2017

Greetings friends and family!

It’s August!!  How is it possible that the months are flying by so quickly?!? When we last wrote, I (Becky) had arrived in Texas to get a barrel shipment together while Tom kept things humming along in Sierra Leone. We must say that everything about the shipment went wonderfully!!  Thanks to so many who helped stateside, and to the Dallas shipper, as well as his companion company here in Freetown! We will definitely do this again as needed!

In addition to our barrels, 2 others were filled with medical supplies provided by our friends with MISSION REGAN in McKinney! We were privileged to deliver them to the Waterloo Adventist Hospital. The staff of WAH have treated numerous street boys over the past 6 years! What a blessing!

Our GoSendMe Global team members were amazing as they served no less than SIX groups of folks in several areas of ministry! The very special kiddos of Hosetta had lots of one-on-one attention and teaching, Sankoh’s construction crew loved getting to know and working alongside the team, 2 groups were involved in intensive Bible study, we praised and worshipped with nationals at our church and with former street boys at the Waterloo Ministry Center, hugged on Auntie Margaret’s kiddos, and laughed, and cried tears of joy, and so much more!!  Precious memories were made for us all!! 

The construction projects are going very well!!  Much visible progress!!  At Auntie Margaret’s, the water tower is up! Electrical lines are underground encased in cement, and plumbing lines are laid. All will be tied into the solar pumping equipment and toilet/shower building for the home to have running water from the new well. Our thanks to the Jefferson City West Rotary Club for pursuing the global grant on behalf of Margaret and the kids!

Bo is preparing for his sophomore year! He’s enjoyed his job at Dairy Queen and looks forward to fall soccer and basketball in the winter months!

Sierra Leoneans continue in wonder as rumors abound over the upcoming presidential election set for March 7, 2018. Will it happen? Will it be postponed yet again? It’s anyone’s guess. We do pray for a peaceful process that will put the needs of the people in the forefront. Whether the date holds or not, we expect to travel to Texas in late February. By then it will be 18 months since Tom has seen his mom, our kiddos and the GRANDS.

We can never thank you enough for your prayers!  WE FEEL THEM! And for those who provide financial support, may God bless you in a special way just for us! We remain truly humbled!

Our love to you all!
Tom and Beck

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Monday, July 3, 2017

A few extra shots of our amazing team! So thankful to have had them with us!

Overlooking Freetown!

A special treat for the team after church and Sunday dinner was a drive up the peak overlooking the north end of the peninsula which is the hub of Freetown! As we gathered, Abraham prayed over his country and his people!

Nationals Reaching Nationals!

Charles and the leadership of the Waterloo Street Boy Ministry were involved in 3 days of intensive Bible Study with Rob. Todd joined us for a day, and Sue and Kathleen (one day) were amazing hostesses! We kept both study groups filled up with breakfast, lunch and snacks! Such a privilege to see such eager participants!!

Biblical Foundations!

Sue served as hostess for 5 days as Rob taught 2 groups! Kathleen joined her twice to experience the training and to encourage people that have become 'family' over the years!

Rob had 2 days with the 4 big guys that have transitioned out of Auntie Margaret's, and Isatu and Rebecca, 2 of the oldest still living in the home, were a part of this group!

James' baptism in the Atlantic!

What a day of celebration! Bo's best friend James baptized in the ocean by Bo's daddy & brother!! Rob compared the relationship that Bo & James share to that of David & Jonathan! They deeply miss each other, but ohhhh the thought of eternity!

Waterloo Ministry Center!

The team loved Saturday Praise & Worship and Bible Study with many of the former street boys in Waterloo!